NIHR Biomedical Research Centre for Mental Health: Computational Biology
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Past Presentations

Below you will find the presentation files for past meetings.

DatePresenterPresentation NameFile
28th January 2011Stephen NewhouseNext Generation Sequence Alignment & Varient Discovery on the BRC-MH Linux ClusterDownload & Download
28th January 2011Michelle LuptonNext Geneneration Sequencing MeetingDownload
2nd December 2010David ToIntroduction to Linux: Using the Command LineDownload
4th Novemeber 2010David ToUsing Sun Grid Engine on the BRC-MH Linux ClusterDownload
22nd July 2010Stephen NewhouseNext Generation Sequence Alignment on the BRC ClusterDownload
22nd July 2010David ToIntroduction to the BRC-MH Linux ClusterDownload