NIHR Biomedical Research Centre for Mental Health: Computational Biology
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Grant Applications

If you are applying for a grant application and need to describe the NIHR Bimedical Research Centre for Mental Health (BRC-MH) linux cluster, you can formulate your own description based on the pages of this users manual, or use (if only as a starting point) the description below:

The NIHR Biomedical Research Centre for Mental Health (BRC-MH) has a computational Linux cluster running RedHat EL 5 and Centos 5. The cluster consists of 264 64-bit Intel Xeon processor cores, 2,296 GB of RAM and 120 TB of storage provided by 30 Panasas Active Store storage blades. These resources are spread across 2 command nodes and 29 compute nodes, although the command nodes may also contribute resources to computation. The calculated combined performance of the cluster is 2.4 TFLOPS, based on the HPL-2.0 Linpack benchmark. It uses the Sun Grid Engine for job submission and MPI is configured for parallel processing applications. There are a large number of open source applications installed along with a 64-node license for Mathworks Matlab. Technical and software support is available for users unfamiliar with Linux, SGE and MPI, and programming support is available for users needing applications for tasks which lack suitable software.